• The exhibition will be extended for a short time until the end of June so if you missed your chance in May you can still come and see it – you will just need to make an appointment by either phoning 01273 733666 or by emailing mail@paulhoulton.art saying when you would like to visit.


40 page full colour illustrated catalogue of the recent selective retrospective exhibition held in the Hove studio from 7-29 May 2022 with introduction and commentary [softcover 21 x 21 cm]

The catalogue is available to purchase from the shop for £30

What people are saying…

  • Very interesting and informative …Thank you Paul
  • Fabulous range of styles. All very covetable!
  • Thank you so much. A great exhibition and body of work.
  • Unsuspected surprise, a great collection of the artist’s work … love the portraits.
  • It was pretty exciting. Thank you for supporting my country ♥ Love from Ukrainian
  • A nice variety of styles
  • Well worth the walk!
  • What a wonderful space for art. The works are outstanding and you could look/gaze for hours!!

Published by Copyright © PAUL HOULTON 2012

Paul Houlton is an English artist born in King's Lynn in 1951. He studied art at Byam Shaw School of Art in London and politics at the City of London Polytechnic. He has travelled and worked extensively in Japan and currently works in a studio in Hove.

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