New – Ukrainian Girl Greeting Card

15th May 2022

I have made a new greeting card from a portrait of a Ukrainian Girl I drew in Brighton in 2014 – I remember her looking a little anxious and I asked her if she was OK, thinking that maybe she was feeling a bit nervous at sitting for her portrait:

“No” – she replied – “I am worried about my country. It is being invaded!”

The card will be available at the exhibition for donations in support of the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal but hurry they are going fast!

Portrait of the Portrait Artist as a Young Man

5th May 2022

The young artist in 1971 in a Picasso inspired headpiece

Its not often that an artist is able to mount an exhibition drawn from a lifetime of work, but local artist Paul Houlton has a studio full of paintings that are only now seeing the light of day for the first time in a new exhibition during this year’s Artists Open Houses in Brighton and Hove in May.

Paul Houlton: Arthur’s Restaurant, Smithfield Market
1976 oil on canvas
The artist with an early work Art Deco Woman (1972) in front of his studio

Paul’s first and only solo exhibition was back in 1976 at the Africa Centre in London, since when he has worked as a portrait artist in London and more recently in Brighton’s Lanes but with the fashion nowadays more for selfies than for portraits, he has turned to a mountain of previously unexhibited paintings clogging up his studio and made them into a range of greeting cards that have proved a surprise hit recently with locals and visitors to Brighton alike.

Now the original paintings, drawings and prints from the 1960s to the present in a wide range of styles and influences are being put on display in Paul’s amazing studio – a former chapel – with a daily tour of the exhibition by the artist most weekdays at midday.

Paul Houlton: Paintings – Drawings – Prints May 7 -29 daily 11.00 – 17.00 (except Mondays) at 6 Hove Place, Hove BN3 2RG see full listing either online here:

or in the brochure under Independent No.9 (p.79)

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